The Italian Kitchen is a food start-up founded by two close friends, Alberto and Filippo, who always shared the passion for food from Italy, their home-land.

The Italian Kitchen is born with the idea of bringing real, authentic and genuine Italian dishes to the people of Bangladesh in order to share this unique culinary tradition.

At “The Italian Kitchen”, we produce all the ingredients in-house, from the Mascarpone cheese to the Pasta, using the best products available in the market and sticking to the original ancient recipe (not only from Italy, but from the city each recipe actually comes from!).

The result is an incredible combination of Italian dishes like the Tiramisu from Trieste, Mozzarella from Battipaglia, Lasagne from Bologna, Pesto from Genova…

We will always deliver you only the true essence of Italian food at your doorstep!

Buon Appetito 🙂

The Italian Kitchen at Unimart

In August 2018, The Italian Kitchen established another milestone of its success by signing the agreement with Unimart; one of the most popular super shops in Dhaka city; located in Gulshan 2.

Find us at Unimart and purchase your favorite Italian Items on spot. Visit The Italian Kitchen fridge. Many items from our Italian Market are available there for spot purchase. With the collaboration of Unimart, we ensure you to offer always the freshest products.

See you there!!


Product of the Month

Cannelloni is a Type of pasta shaped like a short wide tube, Stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables and finally baked in the oven to the perfection.

Traditionally the Cannelloni are made by wrapping sheets of fresh pasta into cylinders, and that’s exactly what we do in Our Kitchen!

This time we decided to please everyone, making the vegetarian version of this dish.

The inner part is a mix of boiled spinach, our in-house made mascarpone, some shredded parmesan and a bit of mozzarella.

Some Besciamella and tomato sauce on top to give the right softness and then straight to the oven for 20 minutes.

Get it hot, Get it now!!

Our Story

Here, at “The Italian Kitchen”, we are proud to offer you exactly the taste as from Italy, nothing more, nothing less. Our recipes come precisely from the city or village where they have been invented and handed down from generation to generation. You will then find the Pesto as from Genova, the Mozzarella “Fior di Latte” as from Battipaglia, the Lasagna as from Bologna (from which we get the Bolognese sauce) etc…

Get ready to start a culinary journey that will bring you in one of the most ancient, controversial and loved the country in the world: La Bella Italia.