Maybe I am a bit partial, cause I used to spend every summer of my childhood and teens there, but I believe that Elba is the most beautiful and charming island of Italy. After Sicily and Sardinia, Elba is the third largest island of Italy and, best known for Napoleon’s Continue reading →

Pasta: not an easy job indeed!

Ciao! :) Recently, I realized that we have been talking about several different topics on this Blog (traveling, food, recipes and eating habits, cities…) but we never approached a key topic for a food blog: the hard work that lays behind the creation of some food that we consider very Continue reading →

Matera: From the Stones to the Stars

Ciao! Few days ago I was reading about one of the most beautiful and at the same time unknown city of Italy: Matera. If you have been following this blog for a while, you should be by now a kind of expert of Italian recipes, cities and traditions. Therefore, I Continue reading →


Italy vs France: an old food war

Hello Italian and French food lovers, A few days ago I was having a nice dinner with a friend who started claiming that the French cuisine is better than the Italian one (yes, in my face!). Aside from the provocateur jokes we can do over this topic, I have to Continue reading →


Cannelloni: A dive in the real Mediterranean diet

Hello everybody, Today we are going to talk about a new product that we have realized here, at The Italian Kitchen, and about how the story of this food finds its roots in the most real Italian culinary traditions!!! :) Have you ever heard about “Cannelloni”? If you have, I Continue reading →


Lazio: a beautiful region of Central Italy

Not everybody know that Italy is divided into twenty small regions from north to south, including the two major islands, Sardinia and Sicily, which are actually two regions themselves. Not only twenty different regions, but also twenty different dialects, kinds of food, cultures, traditions, mentalities, landscapes, architectures and often even Continue reading →


A home taste <3

Hello hello guys and girls, Hope you had a great Eid and you enjoyed your time with your friends and family ☺ Here at the Italian kitchen, we had a lot of work to do in developing new fancy recipes and nerdy stuff, as our brand new in-house made The Continue reading →


A Nutella Love Story

How many of you have ever wondered how Nutella came out? How someone actually came out around 70 years ago with an amazing paste that is known by almost everybody in the world and made the “Ferrero” a multi-billion industry? Mr. Ferrero did not steal the idea from someone else Continue reading →

Langhe, the region of wine, truffle, cheese and… Nutella!

The “Langhe” is a historical region of Piedmont, located at the turn of the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, consisting of hills, vineyards and castles. It can be divided into Bassa Langa, Alta Langa and Langa Astigiana. The Bassa Langa is the area of Alba, wines and truffles; the Alta Continue reading →


Favignana, the beauty of Sicily and … of fish!

Hello guys, Today we will enter the world of one of the most beautiful Italian islands, a touristic destination but where it’s still possible to breathe the scent of tradition. Ladies and Gentlemen... Favignana! Favignana is the main island of the Egadi archipelago which is situated in the extreme west Continue reading →