Bologna: Fantastic food and where to find it.

Hey hey Italian food lovers, Hope you are enjoying these rainy days in Dhaka. XD We have been talking around a lot about Italy, it’s culture and most of all, its food. In previous posts, we have been discovering cities as Naples, Torino, Rome and many others. But have you Continue reading →

Asia, the motherland of Street food

Asia, The Motherland of Street Food!

Eating Street Food is probably the best way to get deeply in contact with the people, the culture and the traditions of one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Asia! In particular with all that area which starts from China and stretches across South-East Asia, which has a Continue reading →

Discovering Italy

Discovering Italy – Naples, The motherland of Pizza

Dear Foodaholics, Our travel goes on to discover the beauties spread all over Italy. Today is the day for one of the most loved Italian cities for what regards food. Yes guys, we are speaking about the amazing city of Naples, the city of Mount Vesuvius - the characteristic Volcano Continue reading →

Discovering Italy

Discovering Italy – Lucca and the treasures of Renaissance

Ladies and Gentlemen, Our travel for discovering the beauties of Italy goes on. Today we will discover an incredible treasure conserved in the middle of Italy, precisely in Tuscany where, between expanses of fields and hills that embrace the sun on the horizon, amazing historical villages arise. This is exactly Continue reading →


Discovering Italy… Noto and Marzamemi, two beauties of Sicily

Dear Food lover readers, Today we start a new rubric of our blog, for discovering the beauties of Italy. Together, we will make great and long trips alongside the Italian Peninsula, looking for traditions, historical places, stories, and of course food. So, let’s start! For starting we choose to twist Continue reading →

The Italian… Aperitivo!

Hello boys and girls, Hope you are enjoying this super hot summer in Dhaka city as much as I am doing: sweat and sticky! Actually, I don’t too much to complain as in Italy things do not really go any better during these months. Usually pretty cold during the winter, Continue reading →


An Italian… Eid Party!

Hello hello, Italian Kitchen’s friends! I hope you had a beautiful EiD with your friends and family and you enjoyed this month of Ramadan. For sure, the most difficult challenge in Ramadan is fasting, but I believe you can agree with me in saying how beautiful is breaking the fast Continue reading →


Espresso, What else?

Rivers of words were spent speaking on Pasta, desserts (as Tiramisu :P) and other Italian delicious dishes… but today, it’s time to discover the dark world of… Coffee! Yes because, despite it’s not originally from Italy, Coffee has become a unique and essential element in the Italians tradition through years. Continue reading →

Italy – The secrets behind its food

Italy, the country from its peculiar form to "Stivale"(boot), is known for its immense variety of culinary products. From North to South, from East to West, every Italian region can boast hundreds of different and unique products. Did you know, for example, that Italy is the first country in Europe Continue reading →


That’s enough! It’s time to talk about Pasta!

Dear friends and Foodaholic, I believe it is time to talk about Pasta: how it is made, how to cook it and, most important, how to enjoy it! ☺ Let me begin with a bit of history! Produced and eaten from the far east of China till the edges of Continue reading →