In the doubt.. truffle it!

Are you really sure to know what Truffle is and what it looks like? Well, my dear friends… It is time to unveil the truth over this impressive as well as a misunderstood product of the… hearth! Indeed, maybe most of you do not know that truffles come from the Continue reading →

Midweek in Paris

Midweek in Paris

This week we are gonna speak about travelling, as the Italian kitchen flew to Paris! First of all, you should know that both Alberto and Filippo lived and worked in Paris in their previous life before coming to amazing Dhaka! They are still really attached to this city that gave Continue reading →

Roman Roots and Culinary Traditions

Did you know that, according to the tradition, Rome has been founded on the 21st April 753 B.C.? Almost 2800 years ago! For who is born and raised in Rome, there is a term that has a very important meaning: The “Romanità”.If we want to translate it in English, we Continue reading →


Talking About Wine!

Today, guys, we are going to talk about wine! Everybody can decide to drink it or not for many reasons, but no one can say that wine is not amazing. And I am not talking about the alcohol inside! I am talking about the taste, the structure and the history Continue reading →

An Asian Love Story

I am not here by chance and I didn’t end up here because I was passing through. I am not doing what I am doing just because. To explain why and how I ended up in Asia and why I fell in love with this part of the world I Continue reading →

Italian Food

Italian Food: History, Traditions, diversity!

During my short life, I have been lucky enough to travel many countries in the world and get into their culture. Food, of course, represents one of the most interesting parts of the culture of a country. It tells the story of that place, what it used to be and Continue reading →

Classic Foods To Eat In Italy!!

In Italy, the difficulty you might face when you go for a short trip is that you can’t try everything in a short time. As every day, you have an endless number of foods but a finite amount of space in your stomach, whereas there seems to be an infinite Continue reading →

Explore the Italian Foods Perfect For Winter Time

Italy’s delightful food culture is a true pleasure for foodies to embrace the Italian delicacies. We all love Italian foods but there are some dishes of Italy which are best for having on a winter day.  So, if you make a trip to Italy sometime in winter then make sure Continue reading →

Unwrap the present of Valentine From The Italian Kitchen

If you are the one who doesn't prefer to go to restaurants on Valentine’s Day then we have good news for you! As The Italian Kitchen has prepared special combos for you to enjoy leisurely at your home. Make your day extra special with an Italian touch to it, as Continue reading →

Stay fit with healthy Italian food

Italian food is one of the most popular and widely adopted cuisines all around the world. As Italians believe in the simplicity and respect for preparing good food which is why some of the most loved dishes of Italians consist of  just a few simple ingredients, carefully selected and served Continue reading →