Lets Treasure The Italian Desserts!!!

Italy is immensely popular for its exquisite food cuisine around the world with delicious pizzas, amazing pastas, incredible cheeses and it has a lot to offer! However after the savoury delights, it does have a variety of scrumptious Italian Desserts such as cakes and  pastries which you’re surely to fall Continue reading →

Happiness Is Having Italian PASTA!

During the initial stage of  the development of Pasta, it was considered to be the food mostly for the affluent and aristocrats. So, the types of pasta which were available for the less affluent people were put into soups to make it last longer and were usually served only in Continue reading →

The Italian Dishes That You don’t Want to Miss!

Beautiful Italy attracts travelers from all around the world for exploring the splendid scenery,  exquisite culture and gastronomical delights. With its rich cuisine, this attractive Mediterranean land offers various popular and traditional foods that you should add to your bucket list! The Italian delicacies and dishes, sweet and savory are Continue reading →

Make Your Boring Days Special With Fine Italian Food!

As the winter and holiday season is kicking off, everyone has started to plan trips to visit the different places and enjoy winter holidays. However, there are also some people who are not opting for any trip due to the respective work so for them there is a list of Continue reading →

Make Your Day Special With Mascarpone!

The significant thing that one needs to learn about mascarpone is how to pronounce it correctly. As it will drive your Italian friends crazy to hear it wrongly pronounced especially when those are food professionals who ought to know better! So, the correct pronunciation is “mas-car-POH-neh”. Out of respect for Continue reading →

Don’t Cook On Weekends, Let The Italian Kitchen Serve You!

The Italian Kitchen, first ever online Italian Food Store in Dhaka is here to satisfy your food cravings with fine authentic Italian cuisine. The true taste of Italy is brought to Dhaka with the regional recipe to let the foodies of Dhaka experience the real Italian Food. The utmost emphasis Continue reading →

End Your Day With Mouth-Watering Pesto

In the era of artificial and processed foods, it's really hard to find anything natural to eat. Especially after a long tiring day at office, when you are craving for something light to munch on and not interested to cook.  So, let's introduce you to a natural yet healthy sauce, Continue reading →

Enlighten Yourself About The Beautiful Italian Food Culture

  Not everyone of us has much knowledge about the Italian culture and their passion for food so we are missing out many interesting facts and aspects of it. So, let's explore the beautiful food culture of Italy and get submerged in it. Here are few interesting aspects about Italian Continue reading →

Fall In Love With Italian Tiramisu

The “Pick Me Up dessert, Tiramisu is a traditional sweet course from Italy. Many theories exist about the invention of Tiramisu but among which one theory is believed to be true is that the dessert was a technique not to waste the leftover cake and coffee. So along with the Continue reading →

This Holiday Season Treat Your Foodie Heart With Italian Cuisine

  As the festive season is about to start, when everyone is planning to throw party for Christmas  eve, the presence of delicious Italian food is inescapable. If you want to have a great Christmas party this year then have it Italian-style for a truly festive feast. So, make this Continue reading →