Food In Italians’ Way

The Italian food culture is blessed with two types of arts; one is the art of cooking and the other is art of eating."  For Italians, making food is to be treasured, enjoyed passionately, making it carefully examining and not made with callous attitude. One of  the Italy’s greatest resource Continue reading →

Ingredients Which Are The Soul Of Italian Food

  For Italians, food is the true essence of life as the people of Italy live to eat and it's evident in their appreciation for well-made dishes and their interest in each and every ingredients. They place immense focus on where each ingredient is grown and try to cook with Continue reading →

Take A Dessert Break!

   Think of a day when after working late night for an important presentation, you end up waking really late for office. Seeing the clock ticking 8:15 am, you jumped out of your bed and you need to reach work at 9 am but you already missed your bus. Somehow Continue reading →

Reasons You Should Make Mozzarella Cheese Part of Your Diet!

  Mozzarella is one of the traditional southern Italian product originally from the city of Battipaglia. The simplicity and the generosity of  Mozzarella is its basic characteristic to mingle in other dishes and enhance the taste of it to a different level. However, not many people are aware that it Continue reading →

The Italian FOOD Culture

The Italian culinary has influenced the food culture all around the world and it is perceived by many people as a form of art. The Italian cuisine is renowned for its simplicity of having only two to four key ingredients for their dishes. The main emphasis that the Italian cooks Continue reading →

Tiramisu Love <3

Tiramisu, (in Italian language, spelled tiramisù, means "pick me up", "cheer me up" or "lift me up") is a famous coffee-flavored Italian dessert around the world. The tiramisu got popular around 1960 in the heart of Siena, Italy. It  is undoubtedly one of the most loved Italian dessert among the Continue reading →

Love from the Italian kitchen

The Italian Kitchen was created by two close italian friends who shared the same passion for Italian food. They wanted to bring the Italian food culture in the beautiful country of Bangladesh by keeping the same original recipes from Italy. As a result, the birth of “The Italian Kitchen” took Continue reading →