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Today we are going to talk about a new product that we have realized here, at The Italian Kitchen, and about how the story of this food finds its roots in the most real Italian culinary traditions!!! 🙂

Have you ever heard about “Cannelloni”? If you have, I am very happy for you because you probably had an extraordinary culinary experience! If you haven’t, you have now the opportunity of learning more about something not so popular as Pizza or Lasagna, but as good as them 😉

The Cannelloni with Ricotta e Spicaci

Cannelloni, in English ‘Big Pipes’, is literally… Big Pipes of Pasta! (Surprised? XD)
It is a meal whose origins are claimed by several cities and regions in Italy and we are still not that sure which has been the motherland of this great dish, but we are pretty sure it is from the center-south of Italy. The idea is simple: Take a wide sheet of Pasta, put on it a mix of Ricotta and spinach in the center and roll the pasta over it, leaving the sides open. Now, cover it with tomato sauce, a bit Parmesan on top and throw it into the oven for around 20 mins at 250°. That’s it, simple and amazing!
And that is exactly what makes this main, as most of the Italian foods, so incredible: it’s simplicity!

the basic products of the Mediterranean Diet

How many of you have heard about the “Mediterranean diet” and know that it is considered one of the best in the world? And how many of you know why it is such an incredible diet?
The reasons behind are not related at all to the tastiness of food or its popularity. It mostly linked to lifestyle and health. Indeed, the Italian diet (or Mediterranean if you enlarge the group to South of France and Spain) is considered one of the best in the word because it is light, variegated and mostly based on vegetables. The Cannelloni are the perfect representations of this diet as they combine in a vegetarian option the rich taste of the tomatoes, the freshness of the ricotta and the spinach as well as the structure of the Pasta. Without realizing it, you have an extraordinary good meal full of vitamins, fibers and a bit of carbohydrate, keeping your level of fats very low!

“The Amalfi Coast” one of the potential Motherland of Cannelloni

For this reason, we decide to make them here in Dhaka, at The Italian Kitchen: to allow everybody to experience what mean eating in the purest Italian way, with a very simple and genuine product.
If you want, you can have them delivered today at your doorstep and fully understand what I am talking about ☺
To the next blog post! =)

P.S. did you know we have an app now? Place an order using the App and get an extra free Parmigiana!

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Ciao!!! ☺

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