Dear Food lover readers,
Today we start a new rubric of our blog, for discovering the beauties of Italy. Together, we will make great and long trips alongside the Italian Peninsula, looking for traditions, historical places, stories, and of course food.
So, let’s start!

For starting we choose to twist a bit everything. Usually, if you speak about Italy you should start from the gloomy and grey North. But, today we will do exactly the opposite, and actually, we will speak about one of the more southern Italian places.

Yes, we are speaking about the amazing island of Sicily and more precisely about Noto, certainly one of the most interesting and beautiful Italian villages.

An authentic pearl of the Italian “Baroque”, also known as “il giardino di pietra” (the stone garden), Noto is a treasure of inestimable value, elegant and luxurious, in which arise numerous churches, noble places and many other structures pure expression of Baroque architecture, which contributed to Noto to be recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Noto Cathedral, Piazza del Municipio, Noto

Highly suggested to be visited are the San Francesco Church, which overlooks one of the most important Noto’s squares, “Piazza dell’Immacolata”, “Piazza del Municipio” surrounded by the amazing “Palazzo Ducezio” and the elegant building of “Cattedrale di San Nicolò”.
But… what about food?

Sicily is a perfect destination if you are a food addicted (like us) and you want to discover new tastes and dishes.
This tradition is well respected in Noto as well. If you have the chance to visit it, you should really try two of the pastry specialities of the area: “Pasta Reale” an almonds-based dessert, and the “Torrone” the classic Italian nougat, scented with honey, orange and almond flavours, and packed with toasted almonds.

Pasta Reale dessert

And if you are tired and you want to relax with a deep immersion in nature?
Well, at only 22 kilometres (20 minutes by car) you can have all this and more, in the beautiful village Marzamemi, well known for being the “house” of fisherman. In fact, in Marzamemi shines a seaport, founded by Arabs in the 17th century, where tuna fishing became a must.

Sunset, Marzamemi

The amazing sea with a thousand shades of light blue, green and blue, is the perfect frame for relaxing and, of course, for being immersed in the food specialities of the area.

In fact, if you are a fish food lover, this is absolutely the right place for you. Many restaurants and a market specialized in selling and cooking fresh fish, will give you the unique opportunity to choose among dozens of tuna-based dishes to be savoured with a glass of Sicilian Lemonade sitting on the beach with your feet immersed in the sand admiring an enchanting sunset.

So, what are you waiting for… If you are planning to visit Italy, Noto and Marzamemi are waiting for you! 😊

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