The Italian Kitchen, first ever online Italian Food Store in Dhaka is here to satisfy your food cravings with fine authentic Italian cuisine. The true taste of Italy is brought to Dhaka with the regional recipe to let the foodies of Dhaka experience the real Italian Food. The utmost emphasis is placed on using the freshest ingredients for all the products which enable all the flavours of the food to enhance. Every product is prepared taking care of every little detail and the quality of the ingredients is given the highest priority. There is no sort of compromise in producing fresh food as the aim is to provide the best authentic Italian culinary. Here are some of the star products of  The Italian Kitchen which is offered to meet your food cravings :-


When hunger strikes but you don’t feel like cooking then just remember one name in your mind, Lasagna from The Italian Kitchen.  Lasagna is an Italian ancient food originated during the Middle Ages which had traditionally came from the beautiful city of Naples. It’s a wonderful wide, flat-shaped pasta and one of the oldest types of pasta. It’s made with several fine layers of fresh pasta sheets alternated with bolognese sauce and some cheese. Without any doubt, it is of one of the most loved Italian dishes around the world. The lasagna is simple as per the original recipe with just some spices, bolognese sauce along with melting cheese is super appetizing. It is light yet filling to make your empty stomach go mamma mia with joy after having this delicious lasagna. The Italian Kitchen is glad to serve the people of Bangladesh with the original recipe of  Lasagna keeping the true essence of Italy. Hence, simply order from The Italian Kitchen  to taste the real Italian taste of Lasagna for a mouth-watering experience.


The “pick-up” dessert, Tiramisu as the Italians call it is one of the most traditional coffee -flavored dessert.  For the food lovers of Bangladesh, The Italian Kitchen is offering the luxurious Italian Dessert “Tiramisu” to explore its sweetness and strong coffee flavours to lift your mood up. The beauty of this Italian dessert lies in the simplicity of its ingredients such as homemade mascarpone cheese and Italian Lavazza coffee. This Tiramisu has been created following exactly the original sienese recipe in order to bring the same authentic taste in Dhaka. The delicate layers of mascarpone are contrasted with the presence of our biscuits and the sharpness of cocoa powder. The creamy assemblage of soft cheese flavored with coffee and chocolate will give a delightful uplift after the end of a rich course meal. If you have a spoon of it, you won’t be able to resist yourself but end up finishing the whole box of this heavenly dessert! Hence, now “The Italian Kitchen present you with the authentic Italian recipe sticking to all the regional ingredients. However, alcohol is completely eliminated from the original recipe keeping the health aspect of our customers in consideration. Tiramisu is a celebrity of Italian dessert culture so it is a true honour to make it for you to explore this indulgent dessert! Share and enjoy with your loved ones, Buon Appetito!!

When you are not in the mood to cook, simply order the meals from The Italian Kitchen and satisfy your palate. Embrace the Italian Culinary, magnate il cibo Italiano! 😉

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