Maybe I am a bit partial, cause I used to spend every summer of my childhood and teens there, but I believe that Elba is the most beautiful and charming island of Italy.
After Sicily and Sardinia, Elba is the third largest island of Italy and, best known for Napoleon’s exile, it’s part of Tuscany region.
The best time to visit Elba is the summer time, especially in the month of June, cause the temperature it is still not that hot and the island it’s not too packed.
What makes it so special to me is the fact that it’s not just sea, sun and beaches, but it’s much, much more!
Of course, considering the hundred plus km of coast, the misjudgment is justified…nevertheless there is much more to do, other then visiting and chilling at Elba’s beautiful beaches!
Around twenty villages and an history full of art and culture which brings you back to thousands of years.
Not to mention the beautiful nature of the island which gives the possibility to make amazing trekking and excursions, from the top of the Monte Capanne (around a 1000 meters above the sea level) to the mines on the east coast of the island.

The View From Monte Capanne

It is located just an hour of boat from the coast (exactly from the port of Piombino), which makes it an easy reachable place from the central and northern part of Italy.
The first village you will se once arrived on the island is Porto Ferraio, which is the arrival port from Piombino and the biggest town of Elba, considered the capital of the Island.
The view from the boat is stunning, thanks to the Old fortification date back to the sixteenth century, wanted by De‘Medici Family.

The Beautiful Porto Ferraio

In Porto Ferraio there is what once used to be the residence of Napoleone during his exile, between 1814 and 1815, ‘Villa Dei Mulini’.
So you can see as soon as you step your foot on the island how much history all over around, often still untouched and maintained.
If instead we are talking about beaches, the first that has to be mentioned is the one Marina Di Campo: Is the largest beach of the island (1.4 km) and the main touristic spot.
Once a fisherman village, nowadays it is a trendy place, with several beach clubs, bars and restaurant, beloved by young and families.
At the very right end one the beach there is the ‘Torre Di Marina Di Campo’, which is a tower, dating back to the 16th century, used as defense and sightseen from possible attacks from the sea.

Top-View Of Marina Di Campo

Instead talking about the food, Elba shares the same philosophy of the genuine food of the Tuscan cuisine. Fresh ingredients, directly from the garden or from the sea, to create simple yet amazing dishes. One example? The Polpo In Galera! Around the island, there are plenty of octopuses, so it’s pretty understandable that one typical dish is based on this ingredient. Polpo in galera is an octopus simply cooked in a pan, with generous Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some wine, covered with a lid at low heat. Polpo turns out extremely tender, full of flavour and with a delicious gravy, so that you need to make the scarpetta thing with the bread.
So, again we showed you a little piece of our beautiful country, in the meantime what you can is try our delicacies which we prepare here in Dhaka, with the same love and passion we’d do back home!

Filippo Ferri

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