Rivers of words were spent speaking on Pasta, desserts (as Tiramisu :P) and other Italian delicious dishes… but today, it’s time to discover the dark world of… Coffee!
Yes because, despite it’s not originally from Italy, Coffee has become a unique and essential element in the Italians tradition through years.
But first, where coffee originally comes from?
Well, as always happens when it comes to excellence, there are many who boast of having discovered it, but, as always happens in those cases, the mystery hovers.
Anyway, the legend says that the coffee was probably originated by Monks for fighting the sleep and to pray at night in the Yemen city of Moka, for some literature treaties, the best coffee in the world.

First spread in Turkey in the 15th century, the coffee arrived in Europe late, some centuries after, in the middle of the 17th century, probably in Wein, Austria. The success was not long in coming and the coffee spread rapidly.

In Italy coffee arrived some years later but it became soon a fashion. The most influential Italian writers and philosophers found themselves in places precisely called “Caffè” (Coffee) for sharing ideas for changing the upcoming world. It was the Italian “Illuminism”.

Florian Cafeteria, Venice
Florian Cafeteria, Venice

From that moment, in Italy coffee became and Industry.
Cafeterias opened in all the country, from the North to the South, becoming a place of tradition and reunion for people, a place where to go for breaking with a (small) cup of coffee!
It’s there that the magic happened. The entrepreneur Angelo Moriondo invented the new machine for the coffee production which was enabling to produce more coffee cups. He didn’t just invent the new machine… He invented the “Espresso”.

The Espresso became soon the traditional Italian coffee, especially in the most important Italian cities as Turin, Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples.
Classic and historical cafeteria were producing hundreds of coffee cups every day just for one reason; the love for the “Espresso”.
From cafeterias, the tradition for coffee rapidly arrived into industries. The process for working the coffee, the high quality of the raw materials accurately chosen and the know-how, transformed what was just a passion in a huge business with excellence brands as Lavazza, Illy and Kimbo.

Do you know that Italy it’s the 4th country in the world for rusted coffee exports?
Well, maybe it’s just because Italians are good sellers (ihihi)… or for our…Charme…
Well, most probably our Espresso is well known all over the world for its unique and intense taste, its creaminess and its deep and inimitable aroma that once tried, it’s impossible to come back!
In any case, remember…
“Espresso, what else!” XD

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