As the festive season is about to start, when everyone is planning to throw party for Christmas  eve, the presence of delicious Italian food is inescapable. If you want to have a great Christmas party this year then have it Italian-style for a truly festive feast. So, make this festive season a treat for your heart with true Italian cuisine. Let’s explore what foods Italians have it during special occasions to implement in your event:-

Italian Food For Christmas:

Christmas season is one of the Italy’s most celebrated festive and they prepare the Christmas meal with all their heart’s content. Undoubtedly, there’s no Christmas like an Italian Christmas! As it’s an exciting occasion for them to cook some of the best dishes with the regional recipes to dine with friends and family. For Italians, Christmas is all about great food with regional recipes and having it with the entire family and extended families, the more the merrier it is. For this reason, we want to share with you some of the most cherished Italian Christmas delicacies, so that you can spend this holiday merrily with your loved ones. When it comes to an Italian Christmas, food is the most important part of the tradition. Like everything else in Italy, of course, Christmas foods also varies by every region. Here are some of the most favorite food traditions of Italians:-

Food for Christmas Eve

According to the Italian tradition, the meal for Christmas Eve doesn’t have any meat as it’s all fish and vegetables. The reason is keeping veggie meals for the eve before a religious festival in Italy as they have a belief that they are supposed to have a giorno di magro(day of low fat), eating veggies to purify their body for the festive. However, the fish dishes that are served at the christmas eve qualify as “lean,” or not  is a whole different story! 😉

In Italy, Christmas Eve dinner is traditionally lighter with no meat but lots of seafood. Be it sword fish, tuna, salmon, octopus salad, calamari, spaghetti with clam sauce and the famous Italian classic baccalà  known as salted cod. The Feast of the Seven Fishes can also include other meatless dishes, which of course vary from one region to other. However, wherever in Italy  Christmas is celebrated, the sweet courses are pretty much the same which includes: biscotti, Pandora, torrone (nougat candy). Not to forget the special dessert, the candied loaf of panettone without which the Italian Christmas is simply incomplete. As it’s a must have in Italy during Christmas time, they love this super simple yet delicious cake as it so light yet fluffy to fill your heart with foods contentment.

For Christmas Lunch

In Italy, the most important meal is of Natale, Christmas Day lunch lasts for long hours as the Italians have a different set of course meal starting from the starter to the main course meal. As the Christmas day’s meal is typically meat-based which starts with the classic antipasto featuring cured meats, salumi, fine Italian cheeses, briny olives, artichokes, pickled meats, veggies and many more. The first course is pasta that varies by every region as in Southern and Central Italy, as baked pastas are a must have. On the other hand, in Northern Ital;  they eat Lasagna with Bolognese sauce and filled pasta like manicotti and ravioli are traditional Christmas . Next comes the main event, the meat. Roasted veal, baked chicken, sausages or braised beef are the common ones for Natale entrees worth celebrating. Festive time for Italians is the time to rejoice the presence of family and friends with some special food.

In the world, there is no Christmas like traditional Italian Christmas food” in Italy as it varies widely by every region and town but one can feel free to mix and match their favorites from each region to create their own Italian holiday feast!

So this holiday season, have a big party and enjoy the Italian foods with all your friends & family.  Have a wonderful festive season!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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