Are you really sure to know what Truffle is and what it looks like?

Well, my dear friends… It is time to unveil the truth over this impressive as well as a misunderstood product of the… hearth!

Indeed, maybe most of you do not know that truffles come from the soil and they can be easily mistaken for potatoes! Think that once (this is a really funny one! XD) President Nixon was awarded the biggest truffle harvested in North of Italy. And what this guy did? He boiled it!!! Ruining it completely!!!

Now… just to make you understand, white truffle from Alba (the most awarded city for truffles in the world) can cost up to 5000€ (5 Lakh BDT) per Kg, I am not joking! You can now imagine what has been the reaction of the people who gave it for free to Nixon when he told them: “nice potatoes you have in Italy, guys! Just a bit hard… I had to boil it for hours before being able to eat it!” ahahah
But let’s refocus on our topic: truffles.

First of all, it is important that there are several types of truffles, which change drastically on quality, taste and (of course) price. Still, the main two families are the black truffle and the white one. Black truffles are wrinkled outside and not really tasty. Prices range between 100€ and 150 due to the high availability (they can be farmed) and are mostly used for giving taste to olive oil. But the real king is the White one! It grows in the foggy forest in North of Italy and few other spots in the world and cannot be farmed. Harvesting period is from late October to late December. If you are planning a fancy tour in Italy in that period, think about popping up in the surrounding of Turin, one of the most beautiful cities in the world (and I am not saying that cause I am forming Turin LOL), and enjoy the real experience of truffle! Best way to eat it? Raw and shaved! You can shave it on fried eggs, fresh pasta, raw minced meat, melted cheese and many other foods (I stop as I am getting hungry).

Don’t think about bringing some back home with you as, first, it doesn’t last more than few days and secondly, because the perfume of white truffles is so strong and deep that it cannot be contained: it will stick to all your clothes and even your neighbors will smell it. Seeing is believing my dears.

Finally, try to avoid huge quantities: once, when I was around 16 years old, a friend of my father gave him a gorgeous truffle of around 300gr as a gift. After a great dinner with the family, still around 100gr where left. Well… you can imagine it ended up. I ate most of the “leftover”, finding myself with a food poisoning that lasted for around 5 days, killing me with a horrible stomach ache. In fact, you have to know that truffle is mostly made of methane! I learned it that day. A painful day. But what a happy day guys!!!! XD

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