Not everybody know that Italy is divided into twenty small regions from north to south, including the two major islands, Sardinia and Sicily, which are actually two regions themselves.

Not only twenty different regions, but also twenty different dialects, kinds of food, cultures, traditions, mentalities, landscapes, architectures and often even different weather.

All these differences give to this country many records which make us proud of our origins, especially because we live abroad: Italy is the country with the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites, is the first wine producing country in the world (with the highest number of wine grape varieties) and the first European country for number of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (protected geographical information).

So you can just pick randomly one region with closed eyes and you’ll be lucky enough.

Today we made our random pick, which is ‘Lazio’ Region!

Lazio is a region of central Italy, bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, characterized by hills and mountains, traversed by the Tiber River, with spectaculars lakes and many beautiful historical cities, hosting one the most beautiful city in the world, ROMA!

One of the best things of Lazio is that it’s a full package region.

Within one or two hours car driving (it depends where you are and where you want to go, could be even less!) you can do many different sports activities like skiing, surfing, hiking, bike-cycling, visit the wonderful country side or ancient villages deep in the hills.

Having lived in Rome for 24 years, I had the possibility to experience all this, and I still do it every time I go back to see my family.

During Winter time we use to get the car with few friends, drive just one hours and half and get to the closest sky resort for a nice snowboarding/skiing and go back home the same day.

‘Terminillo’ Mountain

The coast of Lazio other then during the summer has a lot to offer all over the year. For the lovers of surfing, when many different conditions match together, there is the possibility to get really cool waves and do a nice surf session in the Mediterranean Sea.

Surfing-in-'Santa Severa'
Surfing in ‘Santa Severa’

From may to september you have plenty of choices of nice beaches and lakes where to get out from the heat of the summer.

There is one place, which I consider a little piece of paradise, a secret gem, which is Martignano lake. Just 40 minutes by car from Rome, this place has something magic, which is not easy to describe by words. Probably is the fact that it has escaped to the negative power of development and remained in pristine conditions. Surrounded by forest this lake is a place beloved by bikers, trekkers and nature lovers.

Martignano Lake

Then hundreds of small villages like Bomarzo (and is Park of the monsters), Civita di Bagnoreggio, Sperlonga, Canale Monterano and many others.

If instead we talk about the food, it is from Lazio which many famous Italian dishes are coming from, like ‘Carbonara’, ‘Amatriciana’ and ‘Cacio e Pepe’. But other then these famous ones there are many other dishes which are not less good at all, like the ‘Pomodori col Riso’ (where the tomatoes are stuffed with rice), the ‘Gnocchi Al Semolino’ or products like the ‘Roman Artichokes’, the ‘Olives of Gaeta’, the ‘Puntarelle’ (which is a variant of chicory) and the ‘Olive Oil of Sabina’.

Now you know what is about Lazio region, so if you are planning any vacation in Italy, strongly consider to spend sometimes in this beautiful part of Italy…



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