Italy is immensely popular for its exquisite food cuisine around the world with delicious pizzas, amazing pastas, incredible cheeses and it has a lot to offer! However after the savoury delights, it does have a variety of scrumptious Italian Desserts such as cakes and  pastries which you’re surely to fall in love with!

Want to indulge the Italian desserts world??  Here are some of the most loved Italian sweet courses for you to try out when you travel to Italy:


Torrone is one of the most traditional Italian dessert during winter and Christmas in Italy. Its candy bar shaped sweet delight made from honey, sugar and egg whites, with some roasted almonds. It takes amazing as it gives you that crunchy bite the almonds pleasing your palate. The candy bar is usually sweet, but there are many variations including soft and chewy, pistachio-flavored or with chocolate. In Italy, many cities have their own recipe for torrone, the traditional version from Cremona, Lombardy is the most widespread one. Cremona is so passionate about their recipe they hold a torrone festival every year to celebrate the  authentic taste of the desserts with their friends & family. So, when you visit to Italy, don’t miss out this unique dessert.

Cassata Siciliana

Sicilian cassata is a ancient Italian cake from Palermo and Messina in Sicily. It’s made from a round sponge cake soaked in fruit juices layered with ricotta cheese, candied with some fruit peels and a cream similar to the smooth ricotta cheese found in cannoli. It’s covered with a marzipan shell, traditionally in a pastel pink or green icing and sugar or candied with fruit decorations. The classic Sicilian dessert is a sugar burst which is a must to have dessert in when you visit Italy! Voila, enjoy this beautiful looking course wrapped in sweetness to make your day happy. 🙂


Another famous dessert of Italy is a Christmas treat, Panettone is a traditional sweet bread filled with candied fruit and raisins. The taste of its sweetness will make you get indulge in its light taste which is hard to resist. It is a heavenly gift during Christmas time, the dome-shape bread looks like a beautiful addition to the festive. Enjoy this sweet delight to explore its lightness yet mesmerizing taste in your palate and make your trip to Italy a memorable one!


Cannoli is an Italian dessert from Sicily, which are rolls of fried Italian pastry dough filled with a creamy ricotta filling. The ends are sprinkled with some chocolate chips or pistachio crumbs or candied fruits. This is a sweet Italian delicacy which is you should not miss to have.  It’s highly recommend dessert for you to try out in your trip at Italy, the chocolate or pistachio one with candied fruit flavors!

The Italian’s love for food reflects in their exquisite cuisine especially their desserts are just to die for. Your life would be incomplete if you don’t try out these sweet delights in your trip to Italy, so add to your list and treasure the Italian desserts.

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