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    Pecorino Romano Cheese (200 gr)

    Very similar to Parmesan Cheese, Pecorino Romano is a sheep’s milk-based Cheese a bit more salty and tasty but less “hard” than the Parmesan. The same kind of Cheese is produced in many regions of Italy, but in particular in the surrounding of Rome (from which the name of our one) and in the beautiful island of Sardinia (from which you get the Pecorino Sardo). It can be used for the preparation of many dishes, but it is perfect if eaten with tomatoes (in any possible combination or form). This cheese is only very real gourmet!

    Ingredients: Pecorino Romano cheese

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    Mascarpone is an ancient Italian cheese made out of fresh cream originated in the heart of Abbiategrasso near Milan, coagulated by the mixture of some acidic elements such as lemon juice, vinegar, and citric acid. Mascarpone has a smooth and creamy texture with no lumps. The flavor is milky and slightly sweet, with a tangy finish. 

    Ingredients: Fresh cream, lemon juice.

    • Regular (250 Gram) : ৳ 600
    • Medium (500 Gram) : ৳ 1,200
    • Large (1000 Gram) : ৳ 2,400

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