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    Perfect appetizer for amazing dinners with your friends, it serves perfectly 4 people in the meantime your main is ready. It comes with Holey Bakery Baguette, Pesto, Truffle Mascarpone, Pomodoro Sauce and Bolognese sauce.

    Ingredients: 50 gr mascarpone with the mix of truffle, 50 gr bolognese sauce, 50 gr pesto sauce, 50 gr Pomodoro & Basilico sauce and Holey Bakery baguette bread.

  • Spring-Salad-Restaurants

    Spring Salad

    Enjoy a delightfully light meal! The Spring Salad is what you need to have a good, healthy and fresh lunch without falling asleep straight after! It’s made with just fresh salad, candied carrots, beetroots and other light perfect ingredients to light up your day.

    Ingredients: Lettuce salad, beetroot, carrots, chickpeas, soybeans and cabbage.

    Topping: Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, parmesan cheese, almonds.