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    Italian Cheesecake (w/h Mascarpone)

    Cheesecake is another most beloved desserts from Italian Culinary.The authentic Italian Cheesecake is made with the perfect combination of Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese with the base of buttery crushed digestive cookies and garnished with whipped cream and blueberry.  So, hurry up to gratify your tummy with this mouth-watering sweetheart and experience the authentic flavors in every spoon of it!

    Ingredients: Philadelphia cheese, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, icing sugar, butter, digestive cookies, fresh mint and blueberry(for garnishing).

    • Regular (800gr. 1:6), : ৳ 1,500
    • Large (1.6kg 1:12), : ৳ 2,800

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