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  • Agnolotti-Alla-Piemontese-Shop

    Agnolotti alla Piemontese

    Agnolotti Alla Piemontese is an Italian pasta shaped as small pockets with the filling of roasted meat or vegetables that are made with absolute perfection! Savour this appetizing dish and experience the authentic flavors in every bite! Agnolotti alla Piemontese is a traditional type of pasta typically comes from the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. 

    Ingredients: Flour, Eggs, Beef, Parmesan cheese, Almonds.

    • Regular (250gr) : ৳ 650
    • Medium (500gr) : ৳ 1,250
    • Large (1 kg) : ৳ 2,200

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  • Fresh-Handmade-Pasta-(Fettuccine)-Shop

    Fresh Handmade Pasta (Fettuccine)

    Pasta is one of the traditional Italian cuisine, made from unleavened dough containing ground durum wheat, water, and eggs. Pasta is delicately hand-made with the mixture of water and semolina flour. Semolina is used in pasta as it is a coarse-ground flour of durum wheat, along with high protein hard wheat, made from the original recipe from Sicily.

    Ingredients: Eggs, flour, wheat, semolina.

    • Regular (250 Gram) : ৳ 450
    • Medium (500 Gram) : ৳ 800
    • Large (1000 Gram) : ৳ 1,200

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  • Lasagna-Restaurant

    Beef Lasagna

    Lasagna is wide, flat-shaped pasta, and one of the oldest types of pasta.  Lasagna was originated in Italy during the Middle Ages and has traditionally come from the beautiful city of Naples. Lasagna is commonly made with several layers of pasta sheets alternated with bolognese sauce and other ingredients, such parmesan and cheese. It is of one of the most beloved Italian food dishes in the world which will surely leave your mouth watering!

    Ingredients: Bolognese Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Eggs, Flour.

    • Regular (1:1) : ৳ 620
    • Large (1:2) : ৳ 1,240

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  • Pesto-Shop


    Pesto is a luscious sauce made with the simple ingredients: some cheese, basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. It is traditionally prepared in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle which brings out the full flavor of the basil, giving a nice smooth paste. Pesto sauce can be used on pasta to enhance the taste of the flavors. It can be served with sliced beef tomatoes and sliced boiled potatoes to add some twist to your evening snacks!

    Ingredients: Basil leaves, garlic, Almond, Olive oil, parmesan, pecorino.

    • Regular (150 Gram) : ৳ 600
    • Large (400 Gram) : ৳ 1,500

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  • Bolognese-Sauce-Shop

    Bolognese Sauce

    Bolognese sauce known as ragù alla bolognese in Italy, is a meat-based sauce originating from Bologna, Italy. Regional Bolognese sauce (ragù alla bolognese) is a slowly cooked sauce prepared in several techniques including sautéing and braising. In ragu, main ingredients are finely chopped onions, celery, carrot and minced chopped beef. Tomatoes are added to give it a tangy flavor then it is turned into a thicker sauce.

    Ingredients: Beef, Tomatoes, Carrot, Celery, Onion.

    • Regular (200 Gram) : ৳ 500
    • Large (500 Gram) : ৳ 1,000

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  • Mascarpone-Shop


    Mascarpone is an ancient Italian cheese made out of fresh cream originated in the heart of Abbiategrasso near Milan, coagulated by the mixture of some acidic elements such as lemon juice, vinegar, and citric acid. Mascarpone has a smooth and creamy texture with no lumps. The flavor is milky and slightly sweet, with a tangy finish. 

    Ingredients: Fresh cream, lemon juice.

    • Regular (250 Gram) : ৳ 600
    • Medium (500 Gram) : ৳ 1,200
    • Large (1000 Gram) : ৳ 2,400

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  • Italian-Cheesecake-Shop

    Italian Cheesecake (w/h Mascarpone)

    Cheesecake is another most beloved desserts from Italian Culinary.The authentic Italian Cheesecake is made with the perfect combination of Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese with the base of buttery crushed digestive cookies and garnished with whipped cream and blueberry.  So, hurry up to gratify your tummy with this mouth-watering sweetheart and experience the authentic flavors in every spoon of it!

    Ingredients: Philadelphia cheese, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, icing sugar, butter, digestive cookies, fresh mint and blueberry(for garnishing).

    • Regular (800gr. 1:6), : ৳ 1,500
    • Large (1.6kg 1:12), : ৳ 2,800

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