Hello boys and girls,
Hope you are enjoying this super hot summer in Dhaka city as much as I am doing: sweat and sticky! Actually, I don’t too much to complain as in Italy things do not really go any better during these months. Usually pretty cold during the winter, Italy becomes a scorching country in the summertime, even more, if you stay in South of Italy or in one of the big cities of the North, as Milan or Turin. Nevertheless, there is something special in my country throughout these months and this is what I d like to tell you about today.

You see… Italy is not only about great food and ancient monuments. Of course, these are important to define who we are, but there is a slight behaviour that brings together our lives and our uses. I would call it “the Italianness” or, more simply, “the Italian spirit”. Indeed, you can find some peculiarities in the lifestyle. I am talking about those little things that every day come along with your diurnal course: the coffee at the bar, the Aperitivo with your friends, the “Merenda Sinoira” (this one is specific of Turin).

All these habits form a kind of routine that makes life in Italy a gentle pleasure. Even if extremely hot and thirsty, days become very long from May to September. The sunset is at around 9.30 pm and this means that you have still some daylight till around 10.00 pm.

Among the little things I just told you above, the Aperitivo become one of the main moments of the day in summertime: around 7 pm, when most everybody has finished working, we use to catch-up with all our friends and drink a glass of Prosecco or an Aperol Spritz while eating some little appetizers in one of the most gorgeous spots of the city. There are some places where you can sit and get kissed by the last sunrays of the day while flocks of birds sing and fly in the blue sky.

It is a kind of silent rite. You know already that all your friends will be at that bar waiting for you when you arrive and they will know that you are waiting for them if they are late. Every day, the same magic happens again and again.
The Aperitivo itself it is not a meal. Indeed, you won’t eat that much, unless you decide to grab all the food you can! It is mostly a little pre-dinner situation. In Italy, people eat around 8.30pm; hence there is still a lot of time from when you leave the office to when you actually have dinner. This is way truer if you go to South of Italy, where most of the people eat at around 9.30/10.00pm! You can imagine then what amazing Aperitivos they do there!

Therefore, should you have the chance to pass by Italy this summer, remember to save some time to sit in one of the nicest bars in the town you will be and spend at least 1 hour with your friends to enjoy this life experience appropriately. I’ll be there waiting for you 🙂

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